Yoga Classes


Yoga means yoke, in Sanskrit, or union, of mind, body and breath, and it is an ancient discipline.

In the classes you will learn and practice postures/movements that will maintain/improve flexibility, tone and strengthen the body, you will practice flowing sequences that will increase the heart rate, develop breath awareness, and learn the art of relaxation to calm the mind, soothe the nervous system and reduce stress and tension.


Benefits of Yoga:

~ Improved efficiency of lungs and cardio-vascular system

~ Improved posture, flexibility and strength

~ Improved concentration

~ Enhanced feeling of well-being

~ Better quality sleep

~ Reduction of anxiety and depression


The classes are lead by Laura, who is an experienced Yoga Instructor.

Laura trained with the Independent Yoga Network over 18 months on a 360 hour yoga teaching diploma course in Chorley. She was taught by a number of yoga elders including Debbie Farrar; on the sensible yoga method, Peter Blackaby; on the intelligent yoga method & Godfrey Devereux; on the dynamic yoga method.

”I truly believe that yoga is a practice accessible to all, no matter what your ability. I love the philosophy of sensible yoga, to be yourself in your practice, to be kind to yourself. To understand your physical body, moving in a functional way, developing healthy movement patterns that can help you move with ease in every day life.”


Which class is right for you?

If you are really unsure give both classes a go first, but our one-to-one assessment will help you understand which practice will benefit you the most.


Therapeutic Slow Yoga

This style of yoga is suitable for all levels and abilities you dont need to fit and flexible to take part.

Taking a somatic enquiry approach to yoga, focusing on very small subtle movements with greater attention to detail, its all about moving slowly and observing the sensations you can feel within your mind, body and breath throughout your practice. This style of yoga can help with joint issues and muscular imbalances/ aches and pains, it may also help to awaken muscles that have fallen asleep and to release and relax muscles that are stuck in tension and tightness. We will focus on connecting the mind and body and overall working on communication throughout the bodies central nervous system by development of new movement pathways, that will help us move more comfortably during everyday life.

Weekly class structure example/ what to expect to practice in a therapeutic slow yoga class:

Breath awareness/ breathing technique practice- 10 minutes

Full body joint mobility- 15 minutes

Therapeutic movement practice- 25 minutes

Savasan/ meditation/ relaxation- 10 minutes


Dynamic Flow Yoga - Nourish your mind & body connection with dynamic flow yoga. 

Suitable for active/ mobile people who are looking for a weekly exercise class that focuses on the mind, body and breath, we will focus on moving in a functional and comfortable way through yoga posture practice. 

Giving yourself a hour a week to take care of your nervous system, joints, muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments, mind, breath and your whole body can benefit how you move, breathe, think and feel in your day to day life.

Weekly class structure example/ what to expect to practice in a dynamic flow yoga class:

Breath awareness/ breathing technique practice- 10 minutes

Warm up/ joint mobility/ stretching- 15 minutes

Asana posture practice/ a functional flow through sun & moon salutations- 25 minutes

Savasan/ meditation/ relaxation- 10 minutes



”Laura has a lovely approach, supportive and personalised. Understands her yoga and asanas and communicates well allowing you to work at your pace within the practice. Recommended :)



”Me and hubby have been going to Laura’s class for about 6 weeks now, it’s great, very friendly and a nice class size. A brilliant way to start the week. Gives me something to look forward to and gives me a fantastic night sleep too. Thank you ”

- Fiona

All levels are welcome, from beginner to expert, as the classes are small in numbers Laura is able to accommodate to all requirements.


Things to know before joining a pilates class with us:

Prior to joining a class, it is compulsory to attend a one to one session with a Yoga Instructor. The purpose of this is to discuss your individual medical history, any previous injuries fully and in confidence and any goals you may have, so that the instructor can design the classes with your needs in mind.

We accept all abilities in our classes, wether a beginner or an intermediate we can tailor our classes around you.


Daytime Yoga Classes

Therapeutic Slow Yoga on Thursday and Saturday @ 10:00 – 11:00

Dynamic Flow Yoga on Thursday and Saturday @ 11.15 – 12.15


Costs of pilates classes: 

Initial 1:1 Assessment – £25

Private 1hr session – £30

Pay As You Go – £15