Back Pain

Back pain is very common and can vary from a slight twinge to severe pain at times.  Most people recover quickly from their back pain, if it is managed properly. Physiotherapy work wells for managing back pain. If you see a physiotherapist quickly, this can not only speed up recovery but also prevent the problem happening again. Our physiotherapists offer a range of treatments that have proven to be effective with back pain, treatments are evidence based and according to NICE guidelines. These include manual treatments, acupuncture, mechanical traction may be used if you have severe leg pain and nerve entrapment in your back. Your physiotherapists will also prescribe you an individual exercise program for your needs.

Chronic Pain

Physiotherapy helps people with long term (chronic) pain develop the skills they need to manage their condition, increase their activity and improve their quality of life. Our physiotherapists will assess you and work with you to develop a treatment plan.  A specific manual treatment such as massage or soft tissue mobilisation may be appropriate, or perhaps acupuncture. However, treatment is more likely to include advice about movement, posture and finding ways of achieving your goals.

Falls and Fractures

Older people commonly incur injuries after falls and, are more likely to have osteoporosis. Osteoporosis weakens the bones, increasing the likelihood of breaks and fractures after falls. Our physiotherapists can help you improve your balance to reduce the risk of falling. This can help to make you feel more confident about going out and about. Our physios can also help you strengthen your bones. Bone is a living tissue that can be improved through some types of exercise, we can also advise you on activities to suit your needs.

Neck Pain

Neck pain may be caused by poor posture, arthritis or accidents. Whiplash is when the head is thrown violently forwards and back, as sometimes happens in car accidents. Our physiotherapists are highly skilled at supporting people with neck pain. They may give you hands-on treatment such as manual therapy and acupuncture. Your physio will probably advise you on suitable exercises and pain relief, as well as tips on how to prevent further problems.

Neurological Conditions

We treat a range of neurological conditions including strokes, parkinsons and MS . Effective physiotherapy treatment can help you maximize your potential.

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