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This month’s blog is about Plantar Fasciitis


If you have taken up new hobbies during lockdown, in order to keep active and try something new. This month’s blog may apply to you. Some have chosen to take up walking or running. This month’s blog is about Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is commonly caused by a repetitive strain injury to a ligament

This month’s blog is about Plantar Fasciitis2021-10-13T16:13:29+01:00

Don’t wait till your pain becomes unbearable.


Given the current and ongoing situation of Covid, we understand how difficult these times can be so we are committed to being available and provide you with excellent care, even from the safety and comfort of your home! We are currently offering not only face-2-face appointments but also virtual screen assessments and advice for those who

Don’t wait till your pain becomes unbearable.2021-10-13T16:14:47+01:00

Working from Home – Don’t get the lockdown aches/blues


If you are one of the many that now have to work from home due to new restrictions put in place. Please take a read of this blog to help you to aid yourself in better posture and preventative measures so you are not in need of seeing us once lockdown is lifted. Information

Working from Home – Don’t get the lockdown aches/blues2021-10-13T15:58:40+01:00

Frozen Shoulder


‘Frozen Shoulder’ Since lockdown our physiotherapists have seen and dealt with a lot of ‘Frozen Shoulders’. Contracted (frozen) shoulder is specific type of shoulder pain. It’s a combination of shoulder pain and stiffness that causes sleep disturbance and can hinder, simple, daily activities. Is this you? Have you developed a shoulder pain over the past

Frozen Shoulder2021-10-13T16:00:49+01:00

Long term back pain?


Hope this video will help you with back pain to look out for signs and symptoms that may suggest the presence of something more serious. The majority of back pain is not serious but it’s important to know what to look for, so that anything more serious is not overlooked. If you have back

Long term back pain?2021-10-13T15:52:22+01:00
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