‘Frozen Shoulder’

Since lockdown our physiotherapists have seen and dealt with a lot of ‘Frozen Shoulders’. Contracted (frozen) shoulder is specific type of shoulder pain. It’s a combination of shoulder pain and stiffness that causes sleep disturbance and can hinder, simple, daily activities. Is this you? Have you developed a shoulder pain over the past few months due to a change in your routine/activities? Possibly due to a heavier workload, even restricted activities or lack of exercise?

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists estimate 50–80% of people with shoulder pain don’t seek medical attention for it. Don’t be in that statistic!

If this sounds like you, give Ambulant Physiotherapy Ltd a call. ‘Frozen Shoulder’ is something that can become more severe but does subside with treatment and time. We offer HANDS ON treatment at our clinic and can help you work on progressing the mobility and stiffness you are suffering, making your everyday life more manageable and working towards this kind of injury less painful.

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