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We Care Because You Care

Patient satisfaction is our priority. Everything we do is to help patients achieve their functional health-related goals. We provide a friendly environment to maximize compliance to treatment and design patient-centred specific protocols to achieve speedy recovery. We also aim to holistically treat the patient and not only relieve the pain and reduce the restrictions but also to restore functional capacity to maximize performance so the patient can live an injury free lifestyle. We have an ethically sound environment where all the therapist work for the betterment of the patients and work on a timeframe executed for the patient specifically. We intend to discharge the patient as soon as they have achieved the desirable goals and are advised accordingly. Patients improved mobility and satisfaction is the reward this set-up works for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can be treated?2021-10-12T12:53:13+01:00

Almost all conditions which have pain,weakness or stiffness or loss of movement can be treated. Check out our Conditions we Treat page for more information.

How do I pay for treatments?2021-10-12T12:52:26+01:00

Here at Ambulant we accept cardcheque and cash as payment methods and we ask that you pay after each session. Paying for Yoga and Pilate’s is done in 6 week blocks and we ask that you pay in full at the beginning of the block.

What should I wear?2021-10-12T12:51:40+01:00

Neck and shoulder pain:
You’ll be asked to undress to your waist, so females are advised to wear a suitable bra.

Arm and hand pain:
Elbow and hand pain can often originate from the neck, so you may be required to undress to your waist. Again, females are advised to wear a suitable bra.

Lower back and hip pain:
You’ll be asked to undress down to your underwear, so suitable underwear is recommended. You may choose to wear shorts, as long as they are not too restrictive.

Knee and lower leg pain:
Generally, only exposure below the waist is required so shorts are advisable. Please note that some pain below the knee may originate from the lower back, so suitable underwear is advised.

I would just like to share my experience following my treatment at Ambulant Physiotherapy yesterday.
From the moment I walked through the door I felt comfortable, in a very Covid friendly clean environment.
I was greeted with a lovely warm welcome from the lady on reception.
I received excellent physiotherapy treatment from start to finish, on my shoulder and neck, which had been causing me many sleepless nights.
During my treatment, I felt very relaxed & at ease in the hands of a professional enthusiastic physiotherapist who talked me through everything. Following my treatment I was given excellent aftercare advice.
I had the best nights sleep for weeks. I would highly recommend this excellent physiotherapy

T Dickie

I first used Ambulant 3 years ago for back pain which Anna Maria sorted in one session. I have recently needed regular appointments with Martha to treat pain from chronic sciatica whilst waiting for hospital treatment. She has helped me immensely, using massage, accupuncture and traction to relieve pain and muscle spasms, and given me an exercise plan to follow. I’ve received excellent care all round & feel the staff go the extra mile to help. The staff are really friendly and professional & I can’t thank them enough.

T Hawkin

I was referred to Ambulant through my workplace, I chose them because of the treatment options that were available to help my shoulder pain. They were really accommodating & could fit my appointments in around my working pattern. The staff are friendly & after my 4 recommend sessions I felt much better. Also the fact that there is parking is a huge bonus! Thank you Ambulant

L Paterson
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