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Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions can be treated?2021-10-12T12:53:13+01:00

Almost all conditions which have pain,weakness or stiffness or loss of movement can be treated. Check out our Conditions we Treat page for more information.

How do I pay for treatments?2021-10-12T12:52:26+01:00

Here at Ambulant we accept cardcheque and cash as payment methods and we ask that you pay after each session. Paying for Yoga and Pilate’s is done in 6 week blocks and we ask that you pay in full at the beginning of the block.

What should I wear?2021-10-12T12:51:40+01:00

Neck and shoulder pain:
You’ll be asked to undress to your waist, so females are advised to wear a suitable bra.

Arm and hand pain:
Elbow and hand pain can often originate from the neck, so you may be required to undress to your waist. Again, females are advised to wear a suitable bra.

Lower back and hip pain:
You’ll be asked to undress down to your underwear, so suitable underwear is recommended. You may choose to wear shorts, as long as they are not too restrictive.

Knee and lower leg pain:
Generally, only exposure below the waist is required so shorts are advisable. Please note that some pain below the knee may originate from the lower back, so suitable underwear is advised.

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