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In 2018 we have introduced a new Injection service to Ambulant Physiotherapy. We are the first private clinic in Preston to offer both CORTISONE and VISCOELASTIC injections. We can provide injections for a wide variety of different problems related to the upper and lower limbs. Unfortunately, we cannot provide spinal injections as these are a specialist procedure which need to be done under X-Ray control and are usually done in an operating theatre.

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Cortisone is a type of corticosteroid. It is found naturally in the body and has been used as a drug since the 1940′s to treat inflammation.

What do Cortisone injections do and how long will the effects last?

Cortisone injections help reduce pain and inflammation in joints and soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Cortisone is usually effective in the tissues for up to 6 weeks. During this time, it is acting to reduce inflammation. Whether the pain and inflammation return after the Cortisone has worn off depends on the condition being treated. Sometimes a single injection will cure the problem, but degenerative conditions such as Osteoarthritis tend to have varying results.

Where does the needle go and will it hurt?

For a joint injection the needle is placed into the space between the bones, whilst for soft tissue injections the needle is placed into the problem area which is usually a tendon, ligament, or part of a muscle. The procedure can be a little uncomfortable but is usually no more painful than going for a blood test. The injection can sometimes be sore for a few hours afterwards, therefore we will often use Cortisone mixed with a local anaesthetic.

We are also able to provide Cortisone Injections using Ultrasound Image Guidance. This helps improve accuracy as we can see exactly where the needle is going. This can be particularly helpful in small joint injections and in tendonitis, as the injection can be delivered precisely into the right place. For some conditions, image guided injections will tend to be more effective and less painful than an unguided injection.


What are VE Injections?

Viscoelastic Injections, sometimes called ‘Visco-Supplementation’ are joint lubrication products based on hyaluronic acid, a component of normal healthy joint synovial fluid. They are used to help improve the quality of the synovial fluid, which can become thin and watery in joints with Osteoarthritis. They are clinically most useful for Osteoarthritic knees which are not swollen or inflamed but might have become painful, stiff and are affecting mobility, sports and other activities (cortisone is best used for swollen joints). Viscoelastic injections do not contain any medical drugs or other pharmaceutical agents, and instead can be likened to taking a cod liver oil tablet as opposed to an ibuprofen tablet. Therefore, they do not have any of the side effects associated with Cortisone.

How does it work and how long will the effects last?

The Viscoelastic lubricant is injected directly into the affected joint. It works to increase the amount of hyaluronic acid in the synovial fluid of the joint. This improves lubrication and joint movement. The benefits of the injection are usually apparent within 5-10 days.

Some Viscoelastic products also contain Cortisone, and therefore the benefits of both types of injection can be provided in a single procedure.

Injection Price List

Prices vary depending on the type and nature of the injection, and if local anaesthesia is used. Our practitioners can provide a price after having conducted an over-the-phone assessment and determining how many injections will be needed.

  • CORTISONE injections typically range from £150-£200 and £250-£300 if using ultrasound image guidance.

  • Viscoelastic Injections typically range from £250-£350 depending on the product used.

For more information about our injection service, please call 01772 717271. A member of staff can help with any enquiries as well as pass on your information to the practitioners. They will then conduct an over the phone assessment to determine whether an injection would be the best form of treatment for your needs, what type of injection you would benefit from, and how much the procedure would cost.